An Easy Step-By-Step Guide To Start A Nutrition Blog

Content continues to rule the competitive market. If you want to stay put in this competition it is very necessary that you concentrate more on your content. Blogging plays an important role especially when you are a nutritionist and a dietitian and want to establish your online presence. Your website is good for online visibility but to make your website search-friendly, integration of a blog is a prerequisite. Blogging helps you in reaching out to a wider audience and building long-term relationship with your audience.

Starting a nutrition blog is not a rocket-science. Just follow these 6 simple steps and you are all set to impress your online audience.

  1. Setting Your Target Audience

    The first step is to identify your target audience. You need to find answers to the questions like – who is your ideal customer – women, kids, men, parents? Which specific area or service you wish to offer? Do you want to highlight some specific health issues? It will greatly help in narrowing down to a niche in which you specialize. Knowing your target audience is like half the battle won. It greatly helps you in writing effective articles and blog posts for your nutrition blog.

  2. Coming Up With A Name And Hosting

    Now that your target group is set, then it’s time to name your blog. The name should reflects what your blog is about. The name should be simple yet catchy – simple because it is easy to remember and catchy to gain the attention. Here are some do’s and dont’s for naming your nutrition business. After finalizing the name, book the domain name and purchase a hosting plan to get started. My preferences for booking the domain and hosting service provider are GoDaddy and BlueHost respectively.

  3. Setting Up Blog On Your Website

    Now that you have booked the domain and a hosting plan, you can get started with a website for your business. Make sure that your blog is a part of your website itself. Along with nutrition services, your visitors will get an insight into various tips, tricks for a healthy lifestyle, effective and workable diet plans, healthy recipes. The blog will give you an opportunity to share your knowledge, gain authority and build audience via newsletter integration. Here are some stylish feminine WordPress themes to start a food blog.

  4. Choose A Topic

    After the heavy lifting of setting up the blog, you are now all set to start blogging. Here are some great nutrition blog post ideas to get you started. Based on your research about target audience, start with building an effective information architecture for your blog. Create the categories, think about tags and start building the content around the same. Create content for resolving the pain points (how to’s), share your expertise (tips and tricks) and establish authority with detailed, pillar articles about the subject matter.

  5. Maintain Consistency

    Starting a blog is simple. Yes, I mean it. Maintaining it is quite a job. You have to come up with post ideas and maintain consistency to not only build your audience but to build a long-term relationship with your online audience. Maintain a schedule and stick to it whether its posting a blog once a week, twice a week, or even daily. Once your blog starts getting audience, readers are going to expect and will be looking forward to read more. It would be great to maintain a calendar including holidays. With holidays on mind, you can generate content accordingly – for example, if its Easter, you can share a post on “Nutritious food ideas for upcoming Easter celebration”.

  6. Social Media Sharing

    Last but not the least, make your content shareable. Share your posts on your social media profiles and integrate social sharing buttons on your nutrition blog to make it simple for your online visitors to share the content. Social media sharing greatly help in getting more audience, visibility and a chance for improvisation with the help of reviews.

Hay! you are just six steps away from building a healthy nutrition blog. Get started today. Happy blogging!