MaryannJacobsen.Com — Website Re-design & Logo Design for Maryann Jacobsen

MaryannJacobsen.Com is a website of a solo entrepreneur, Maryann Jacobsen. She is a family nutrition expert and an independent author. Maryann is a registered dietician (RDN). She was running a successful blog called “Raise Healthy Eaters” when she approached us for a website re-design. She wanted a website where she could do more than just blogging.

She wanted to present herself as an Indie Author RD. She wanted to showcase all her books on the site. She also wanted to host the podcasts. The primary purpose for the new website design was to have a new business strategy in place for building email lists and to popularize & sell the books authored by her.

MaryannJacobsen.Com is basically a re-design of Raise Healthy Eaters — with a new design, a new identity and a new business identity in place. The major highlights of the project include:

  • Migrating RaiseHealthyEaters.Com to MaryannJacobsen.Com (inclusive of setting up redirects, link fixes and updating all posts and pages to redirect to the new URL).
  • Converting the existing website design to Genesis framework for better security, top-notch SEO and durability.
  • A complete website re-design (including branding) for achieving modern look and feel.
  • Creation of high-conversion landing pages for:
    • Homepage / Blog
    • Selling books (via Amazon)
    • Podcasts
  • Newsletter integration and personalized email subscription forms (with bonus report). This essentially included integration of Madmimi with OptinMonster to make sure that the website visitors are converted into subscribers and customers.
  • Ability to upload and manage the podcasts on the go.
  • Fully retina-ready for hi-res screens and implementation of responsive design so that the theme beautifully adapts to various portable devices.
  • Installation and configuration of SEO, caching and performance plugins for better ranking and fast loading website.
  • Setting up of Google Search Console and integration of Google Analytics (for tracking the traffic and assessing the user behavior).

Let’s take a look at the various aspects of the complete website design offered to Maryann Jacobsen for MaryannJacobsen.Com.

Logo Design

The logo designed for Maryann Jacobsen includes an apple and a book. This signifies that it is about an author who writes about nutrition and the textual part takes care of the rest. It’s simple and minimal.

Home Page Design

MaryannJacobsen.Com is powered by WordPress, Genesis and Femme Flora. Femme Flora is our in-house Genesis child theme that can be easily customized as per client’s requirements. The homepage of MaryannJacobsen.Com is a landing page which reflects her diverse personality as a family nutrition expert, an author and a nutrition blogger.

Blog Design

The website inherits the grid layout of Femme Flora for the blog design, the base theme on which the site is built. The blog design features the “Feature and Teasers” with in-built social media sharing.

Landing Page for Books

One of the primary purposes of re-design for Maryann, was to portray herself as an author and to showcase the books authored by her. That is why we mutually decided to have a landing page for the books where we have a slider at the top followed by the cover page, description and purchase link for each of the books.


This new design opened up the opportunity for her to publish the podcasts. Here’s a series of podcasts published by her.


Here’s a quick overview of MaryannJacobsen.Com in pictures:

Custom website design for MaryannJacobsen.Com
Home Page Design
Logo Design for MaryannJacobsen.Com
Logo Design
Blog View for MaryannJacobsen.Com
Blog View

Here’s what Maryann Jacobsen Says

Maryann Jacobsen, MaryannJacobsen.Com

Through an online search, I found Shivanand when my site was down and had nowhere to turn. Not only did he fix it an hour, but he charged me a very reasonable price. So when it came time to create a second blog, I knew he was the best person for the job. He is incredibly tech savvy, easy to work with and very responsive to questions and changes. I will continue to recommend him!

— Maryann Jacobsen, MaryannJacobsen.Com

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