Nutrition Prep School — A membership platform for selling e-courses offered by Jill Castle

Nutrition Prep School is a platform for Nutrition and Health E-courses offered by Jill Castle. Jill Castle is a Registered Dietitian Nutritionist (RDN). She is America’s Childhood Nutrition Expert and one of my regular clients.

Jill Castle first approached us for conversion of JillCastle.Com from static HTML to WordPress and for merger of her blog called “Just the Right Bite” to JillCastle.Com. The website grew from a blog to a full-fledged business website. The website now features podcasts, has a dedicated landing page for books and hosts e-courses offered by Jill Castle.

Nutrition Prep School is proudly powered by WordPress, WishList Member and SamCart. This one was an interesting project. The major highlights of Nutrition Prep School are:

Membership Portal

Nutrition Prep School is a membership site. All the content of the website is hidden from the regular site visitors. The user is required to choose an e-course and a payment plan to access the respective content on the site. This functionality is successfully accomplished by installing and configuring WishList Member for WordPress. The site needed various access levels and content restrictions to make sure that the member is able to view only the content for which he has made the payment.

Multiple E-Courses

This is where the fun began. Jill offers 3 different e-courses, with each course having different versions. So Nutrition Prep School is an umbrella which currently hosts 3 different e-courses. And the website is flexible enough to host more e-courses as the site grows. All this became all the more interesting with the following requirement.

Jill wanted that each of the 3 e-courses should have a different branding (header and logo), registration page, login page and menu items — each specific to the e-course user has signed up for.

All thanks to Genesis and Lander — all these requirements were accomplished without any complexities. The required functionality was achieved by setting custom body classes (offered by Genesis), utilizing SILO Menus feature (offered by Lander) and configuring the settings of WishList Member.

Integration with SamCart

The most important step in the process of running a successful membership or online courses platform is the integration of the platform for processing the payment. And we chose to go with Samcart for the same. It allows you to get creative with the sales process.

It seamlessly integrates with WishList member (for selling memberships and subscriptions). Creating product / membership registration pages is as simple as choosing a template and getting started. And the icing on the top was Samcart’s integration with Stripe which allows you to accept credit card payments without any hiccups.

There are more hidden gems. Samcart also allows you to build the email list at the same time when you are making a sale. All the customers paying for the membership are automatically added to the email list. We are using Active Campaign in this particular case.

A Dedicated Landing Page

After everything was set-up on Nutrition Prep School, the next step was to promote the e-course platform via JillCastle.Com. The same was done by creating a landing page which lists all the e-courses and redirects the users to respective registration pages.

Nutrition Prep School

Here’s a quick overview of the various views designed for Nutrition Prep School:

Nutrition Prep School, E-courses by Jill Castle
Home Page
Login view of Nutrition Prep School
Login View
Course Content
E-Course Content

Here’s What Jill Castle Says

Jill Castle, NutritionPrepSchool.Com

I have worked with Shivanand since 2013 when my first book launched. He has helped me launch new websites, merge websites, and upgrade my website to grow my business, including a podcast, courses, re-branding, and more. He is quick, responsive and always reasonable. I completely trust and rely on him for my every website need! I will certainly recommend you and your site development for RDs looks awesome! Thanks for all you do! Not only do you ALWAYS help me when I need it, you also explain what you’re doing which I appreciate A LOT.

— Jill Castle, NutritionPrepSchool.Com

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