7 Favored Blog Post Ideas Every Nutrition Blog Must Have

The nutrition blog is the voice of your nutrition business. It gives you an opportunity to share your expertise. But that’s not the only thing you can do. You can cover latest news in nutrition industry. You can post about tips and tricks of the trade. Your blog is also an effective marketing and promotion tool for launching your product and services. The possibilities are unlimited, but even then, we sometimes struggle with that perfect blog post idea to get the creative juices flowing. If you are struggling with that, check out this list for some interesting ideas that will work great for your nutrition business.

  1. Obesity Management

    Obesity is literally turning into a scourge. Today, every person is engulfed with chronic disorders like diabetes, blood pressure, etc. You can pick up this topic and cover it in entirety. Design a content strategy which includes weight-loss tips, steps to fight chronic diseases, daily food intake chart and also cover the exercises and work-outs. you can also create and sell an ebook to help them get over their eating disorders.

  2. Recipes

    Sharing your indigenous recipes is another great idea which will keep your blog busy. It will give your online audience healthy foodful reason to look out for your posts. Come up with unique recipes and present them beautifully. There are a lot of WordPress recipe plugins which will help you in presenting your recipes beautifully. Don’t forget to include the images of the yummy dishes. The recipe posts do well on social media too.

  3. Maintenance Diet

    Travel, festivities, social gatherings – are the times when the diet chart and balanced nutrition diet goes for a toss. Falling for tempting foods is a natural phenomenon. Sharing articles which cover lean maintenance diet is a good idea. You just need to make sure that those posts go live before and after holidays, to gain the required attention and traction.

  4. Importance Of Foodstuffs

    There are many foodstuffs that people are unaware of. They are also unaware of the nutritional value and the benefits they offer in our daily lives. So, once a week or once in a month, you can highlight a foodstuff and demonstrate how it can turn into a protagonist of their diet. You can also mention the health benefits and recipes revolving around these foodstuffs.

  5. Target Various Age-Group

    Every age group needs a specific diet plan. Kids need nutrition for a healthy tomorrow and adults need nutrition to amend the eating flaws that they have committed in the past. All-in-all, everyone needs diet. So, with your posts you can target each age-group for a month or even a week depending upon your time management. You can also prepare free nutrition charts that will help them plan their days.

  6. Women-centric Posts

    Women go through a lot of health turmoil. Be it hormonal imbalances, post pregnancy ailments, depression, stress and the list goes on. All these factors affect her nutrition on a higher level and an nutritionist is truly her best friend. This is one of the great ideas for your next blog post. You can have a category dedicated to “nutrition for women” and cover health issues and nutrition food articles specifically for women of all ages.

  7. Transformation Stories

    Sharing the client stories add an element of authority. They are great for building trust among your readers. Make a point to include client success stories every week or every fortnight. You can share transformation pictures of your clients, their diet plan, their daily regime to inspire others to join the program. To add a personal touch, you can also ask your clients to share their views on the diet they followed. This will create more impact on your future prospects and help you gain audience too.

Bonus: Keep a close watch on your competitor and other successful blogs in your niche. Here are some nutrition websites for your inspiration.

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