How To Start An Online Nutrition Consulting Business?

Good nutrition plays a vital role while leading a healthy lifestyle. A perfect blend of diet and physical exercise will surely help you attain a healthy weight. Moreover, it will also help you to bid adieu to chronic diseases like diabetes, heart problems, etc. But the question arises – who will help you attain these targets?

Well, a registered dietitian and nutritionist (RDN) is the one who can help you in such complex situations. They are truly the creators of healthy body and healthy lifestyle.

However, due to geographical limitations one might lose encountering the best RDN. However, these geographical voids can easily be filled by going online. If you are very keen on targeting prospects across the globe, then the best solution is to – go digital. Having a website for your business and a sound social media presence are the first steps for establishing online presence. Here’s a quick guide to get your help you take your nutrition consulting business online.

  1. Discover Your Ideal Clients

    There are so many prospects who are on a lookout for the best in the nutrition business. On one hand, they are confused – whom to choose from a pool of RDNs? On the other hand, alluring them towards yourself is a hurricane task for the RDN. For that, you need to be very specific as to which type of client you want to target. Ask yourself – do I want to target kids, adults or teenagers? Once you’re convinced, plan your marketing strategy accordingly. Target a niche and provide the ultimate solution to their woes so that they do not compare your nutrition practice with others.

  2. Be Unique

    If you want to stand out in this competition then you need to be unique. However, unique doesn’t mean that you have to be pretentious. Just be yourself and highlight your strengths. Don’t mold yourself depending upon the clientele, and don’t break your principles too. The more you trust yourself and be yourself, the happier you’ll be with your clients.

  3. Hire a Website Designer

    Now that you are clear about your motives and target group, hire a good website designer for your nutrition business. Start with a consultation session with your website designer and you will have a clear idea about how do you want to get started. Next, look for inspiration. There are a lot of nutrition themes for dieticians and nutritionists and successful websites of nutritionists. For quick reference, we have shortlisted a few WordPress nutrition themes here and some effective nutrition websites here. And finally communicate your ideas to the website designer so that he can build a successful online presence for you and your nutrition business.

  4. Social Media Presence

    In this era, having a social media profiles is immensely important. It’s one of the best mediums to attract your prospects. Through social media platforms like Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, Pinterest, Instagram, etc they get to know you and your business on a personal level. It gives you an opportunity to share your work, case studies, client stories with people who share similar interests. Furthermore, social media acts as the magnet to direct traffic to your website. Once you have your website up and running, you can use social media for bringing prospects to your website.

  5. Freebies and Offers

    Just having a website and social media presence will not cut it. To make your business successful you will have to actively market and promote your services online. Here are some of the great marketing tools for your consideration. And the best one of all the times is to offer freebies and discounts. You can giveaway ebooks, cookbooks, diet chart and so on. Here’s a quick list of freebie ideas for your nutrition website. These freebies act as a marketing tool for promoting your business online.

  6. Blogging

    Blogging compliments you online presence in more than one way. It helps in building traffic, establishing authority and is great for ranking in SERPs (search engine result pages). And that is just the beginning. It is an effective marketing tool for promoting your brand. You can share news, announcements, product and service launches, business ideas, tips and tricks of the trade, client stories, case studies and the list goes on. If you are running out of ideas, you can try one of these. You can effectively build email lists and at any point of time you can take up blog monetization for some smart side revenue.

All the above-mentioned tips will greatly help you in getting started. You will learn more on the way as your business grows online. Follow these ideas for a strong foundation of your nutrition business. And if you need help with any of these (branding and logo design, effective website design, successful social media presence, website review and optimization), we are right here. Get in touch →