How To Start A Successful Wellness Coaching Business?

At one point of time, we all need a wellness coach to shape our dysfunctional life. Wellness Coaching helps us abundantly to become healthier, fitter and boosts our daily energy. Wellness Coaching impacts our lifestyle for the long run and doesn’t provide quick solutions. However, I have realized that every career as its own set of challenges then be it a registered dietitian and nutritionist or even a wellness coach. A wellness coach can be a nutritionist or personal trainer but a nutritionist or personal trainer cannot be a wellness coach. People often get confused and so wellness coaches, encounter countless difficulties when trying to start a business.  So, I thought why not shed some tips that will help a wellness coach succeed.

  1. Determine Your Vision

    What do you want to achieve by becoming a wellness coach? What is your vision? Take ample time to analyse these questions. You will have to set goals for yourself for expanding your business. Do I want to earn $2000 a month or $6000 a month? And for earning that income, how many clients should I target? What are the channels that will help me grow? Brainstorm as much as you can because that will help you come up with a business plan. Without a goal, it’s very easy to get distracted and lose focus.

  2. Carve Your Niche

    It is very important to know that you are selling an intangible product – a service rather. This means that you have to be well-versed with a client’s current situation and which areas need fixing. You have to guess the weak points that urged them to invest money to find a solution. You can help them in different areas – be it nutrition, weight, stress or any other health-related issues. However, to win their trust, you have to specialize in solving their woes. Try and analyse your strong points and market them accordingly. Once you are set, you can think of expansion, but stick around your forte.

  3. Start Marketing Your Business

    Get the word out that you are now ready to cater to the woes of the people. Share messages that you want to help people because unless and until you don’t market, people aren’t going to find out about you and your business. You’ll have to urge them to meet you and for that you can design offers using varied marketing tools. You can also post healthy tips, posts, videos, motivational material on social media to gain their attention. Along with free offers, don’t forget to market your paid services too. Most importantly, maintain a blog to share your work and explore various avenues with varied blog posts.

  4. Networking

    Unless and until you don’t take a plunge in the public sector, you won’t be able to grow. Start attending networking events, workshops, to spread a word about your business. Conduct webinars, design referral packages – where you will get more exposure. Get your articles published on offline as well as online portals. Conduct social gatherings targeting specific areas or even targeting specific age group so that you can spread to great lengths. Most importantly, start a YouTube channel and also a Facebook Group where you can target people on a global level.

  5. Maintain Consistency

    Building a strong business, takes time. It doesn’t happen overnight, as it might take days, months or even a year. But keeping patience is vital and you need to be consistent in whatever tasks you are undertaking. Make a list of activities that you are going to undertake without fail, then it could be – posting on social media platforms or updating your blog. Set a timely newsletter service with high valued content and keep a track on your marketing tactics too. All-in-all, maintain a schedule and stick to it, without losing patience.

  6. Setting A Budget

    If you want to kick off, then you need to spend few dollars for your business. Free resources are great to start out, but their effects wear off after a certain period. Before starting your marketing activities – set a budget then be it – Facebook, offline activity or even newsletter subscription. I would suggest first and foremost design a website, followed by other activities. A website will give you global recognition and better exposure. Allocate your budget tactfully on each marketing activity to avoid confusion and financial setback.

  7. Strategic Tie-Ups

    This is one of the most effective method, because it can help your business grow faster and earn sincere clients. For that, you have to design a tie-up, that will urge others to work with you. For example: if you are a nutritionist then you can tie-up with a massage therapist. Along with nutrition, you can give them tranquility with various therapies. Not just this, you can also partner for joint venture, or with practitioners or even for lifestyle brands. Automatically, you will get more exposure as their ideal clients can be yours too. You can also tie-up with health apps, so that your clients can keep a track of your health and you can increase your reach.

Apart from this, be informed, be available and try and connect with like-minded people that share similar goals like yours. Through them, you will get new ideas, inspiration and support too.