10 Must-Haves For A Website For Nutritionists

To mend our unhealthy lifestyle, we all need a nutritionist. However, finding a good nutritionist can be a hurricane task. One might Google and get related information, but how will you check the authenticity? Wouldn’t it be a great idea, if you found all this information under one roof? How about a website that is dedicated to connecting all the nutritionists! This website will have all details that will solve the woes of the prospect and give a podium for nutritionists. So, are you curious and keen on starting a project on the same lines, then let me guide you with the elements of it.

  1. Alluring Homepage

    You literally have 15 seconds to grab your prospect’s attention and that’s quite less. So, how do you proceed? Make sure that you have an alluring home page, but it should give away clear message about your website. Have clear ‘call-to-actions’ for smooth navigation and include social media icons on the homepage itself. Not just nutritionist, but you’ll have patients too, who will raise a query – how to find nutritionist in my area? To solve this, have a search box on the homepage, wherein they can just enter their location and get desired results.

  2. Your Profile

    Every visitor wants to explore the website and services and that is when this section comes to light. So, with your profile, you need to highlight your objective of the website, conceptualisation story and a solid reason as to why nutritionists and prospects should choose you. Once all these queries are answered, move their focus towards your contact details and mention all the mediums to connect with you.

  3. Rules And Regulations

    If a nutritionist wishes to be a part of your website then he/she will have to go through a procedure. Make sure you design a set of rules and display them on your website. These rules can be – producing their relevant degree certificates to check their authenticity, their ID proofs, their overall experience, etc. Once verified, you can also have a badge to distinguish them from others. Most importantly, categorise your rules according to – individuals and organisations.

  4. Login For Members

    Now that you have mentioned your set of rules then the interested candidates are going to be keen to register themselves. A website is a very good medium for side-revenue and thus you can design pay packages for registration. Based on the package, you can design offers too. This page is extremely important, so design such an effective landing page that will boost conversions.

  5. Profiles Of The Nutritionist

    Profiles are very important, especially when you are running a informative website. Make sure that you display profiles of every nutritionist who has enrolled with your website. Display a profile picture, qualifications, location, website if any, contact details, social media profile, his/her bio, experience, specialities and fees. This information will help you when patients are trying to locate nutritionist.

  6. Health And Nutrition Articles

    Prospects desire for free stuff and articles are a medium to suppress this craving. Your articles can be a medium to attract visitors but they will also prove fruitful for nutritionist to share their expertise. Through this, audiences will acknowledge your forte and the credibility of the website. But for that, you need to be consistent, have to keep a track of health problems and highlight how a nutritionist can help. Try and have experts on-board wherein they can focus on varied topics, age-groups so that it becomes a killer post. Most importantly, visitors are going to eye for information coming directly from the horse’s mouth, so don’t let them down. Above all, it would be really great if you have a blog with some amazing posts, as it can become a good marketing tool.

  7. Success Stories

    These stories are a booster for visitors as well as for nutritionists. Patients who have availed the services from nutritionists and succeeded with flying colours can share their stories. With this, visitors as well as nutritionists will start considering your website. In fact, you will get a chance to add more nutritionists to your database and earn revenue.

  8. Footer

    Many designers continue to vouch for footers. In fact, footers are a great medium to conclude your website but lately they have become a great element to engage audiences. You can include several things in a footer like sitemap, search-box, etc., but rest assured a footer will surely enhance user experience and cater to the usability of the website.

  9. Newsletter

    Newsletters are a boon, especially when you want to stay connected with your clientele. Newsletters will keep your clients updated about the happenings of your website. You can alert them about new blog posts, eMagazines, eBooks and much more with the help of some amazing email newsletter services.

  10. Recent News & Upcoming Events

    It’s good to be updated and share it with the world, thus you can share latest news with your prospects. Every nutritionist loves to attend events for networking but not all are well-informed about the happenings in the town. So, with your website, make them aware about the upcoming events. In fact, you can tie-up with the event managers and carry out registration on your website. You can make use of plugins like Event Espresso that will help you with registrations, signup forms etc.

So, these are some elements that you can include on your website. Alongside, you’ll also have to undertake investments like SEO that will help build an audience. And for designing this ultimate project for you, we will be happy to help!