6 Ideal Podcast Plugins For Publishing Podcasts On Your Nutrition Website

Every person wants to get in shape and be free from uninvited stress. Registered dietitian and nutritionist, health and wellness coach surely come to the rescue with health and nutrition articles. However, what if you give your prospects an amazing experience of listening to someone else’s weightless story or de-stress story? Well, this can be achieved if you have a podcast. A podcast is one of the best ways to engage your readers not with reading, but with an audio file that educates, inspires and also entertains them. You won’t believe, but Podcast Listening has seen a leap wherein it has grown from 23% between 2015 and 2016. The monthly podcast listenership in the US has increased 75% since 2013. However, to run them you need a podcast plugin on your nutrition website and obviously WordPress has a solution to all your woes. So, let me just list out some of the best podcast plugins for you.

  1. PowerPress Podcasting

    PowerPress plugin is considered to be one of the most popular podcast plugin with over 65,000 active installs. Conceptualised by Blubrry, this plugin is constantly upgraded to retain its popularity. It also boasts of user-friendly features and most importantly, it is FREE. Its installation process is extremely easy and is optimized to suit all podcasting needs. PowerPress has integrated HTML5 Media Player, through which you can enjoy audio/video web players directly from your WordPress site or even from YouTube. Also, this plugin has SEO tools, which helps in improving your presence on search engines such as Google and with the iTunes podcast directory. Moreover, you get complete iTunes and Google play support, media statistics, multi-languages, migrations from other services, subscription tools and many more.


  2. Libsyn

    Libsyn brags the title of being the – ‘World’s Largest Podcast Network’ and the reason being – it has over 35,000 podcasts and have been relentlessly serving for over 13 years. At this very moment, Libsyn is serving over 62 million audience members monthly and that proves its worth as the best podcast hosting platforms. They have now unveiled their WordPress Plugin which is still in Beta version. The plugin helps you to connect with your WordPress site and your Libsyn account in a two-way connection. With this feature, you can publish your episodes right from your website without worrying about your RSS feed as they will be automatically updated. Moreover, your files will also be posted to Libsyn’s servers instead of your website, thus saving time and making your updates viewable on iTunes and your website. The pricing package of this plugin starts from $5/month with basic features.


  3. Seriously Simple Podcasting

    Seriously simple podcasting plugin is meant for people who aren’t tech-geek and believe in basic functionalities. It is one of the easiest podcasting solution for your WordPress site and is FREE. Not just this, but this plugin has a gamut of add-ons and all of them are also free to use. Apart from this, you can manage multiple shows within one WordPress site, set up your show in just a few clicks, it’s compatible with desktop as well as mobile, monitor the performance of episodes and much more. Interestingly, you can also store your podcast media files on a safe hosting platform!


  4. Buzzsprout

    Buzzsprout is one of the most user-friendly podcast plugin because uploading, promoting and organizing your podcasts is extremely easy. Furthermore, promoting these podcasts over varied podcast platforms, social media or even on your nutrition WordPress website is hassle-free, thus making it a hotshot. Once you upload your audio, you can track the status of your podcast as to how it is faring. Also, with uploading, Buzzsprout also optimizes your file as per best practices followed in the industry. The podcast is mobile responsive and once you copy/ paste one line of code into your website, your visitors can listen from anywhere. Above all, if you want to migrate from other podcasts, then it can be undertaken with migration tools and you can also have your own podcast website. There is a FREE package, but with very limited resources and premium package starts from $12/month.


  5. Smart Podcast Player

    Smart Podcast Player is one of the most stylish plugin that is designed especially for self-hosted WordPress websites. The best part of this plugin is that it is a customizable web-based player which is specially designed for binge listening when your listeners are still on your website. Also, there’s custom colors, speed control, social sharing, support and the list goes on. Most importantly, it is mobile responsive wherein the built-in player adjusts automatically as per the devices. Above all, the plugin boasts of compatibility across the browsers which is being tried and tested. The pay package of this plugin starts from $8/month.


  6. Podlove Podcast Publisher

    Podlove Podcast Publisher is one of the most popular plugin that is built keeping WordPress in mind. Being an open-source, it is available on GitHub and is licensed by MIT. Also, if any of the links are broken, then don’t let your listeners know about it or don’t wait for them to report about it. Instead, you can just tell the Podcast Publisher that how your setup has been structured. Furthermore, it will automatically run a scan and check if everything is running smoothly. Also, you can enjoy several other features like maintaining analytics, easy subscription and custom templating system. This podcast plugin is FREE but in case you need professional support then its payable.


So, hereby I have listed some of the best plugins. However, would like to hear from you too, if you have tried any other plugins. And if you need any further help, then feel free to contact us!