7 Must-Haves On A Business Card Of A Registered Dietitian & Nutritionist

With so many businesses going digital, one might think that business cards are so passé. Believe me, they are still your best marketing tool. They still do rounds in business meets and networking events. With competition, the presentation, design, content and layout of a business card is becoming more and more important. Here is a quick overview of the business card we designed for Ajobst Nutrition — a registered dietitian & certified health coach.

You need to have a perfect balance of content and design. The visual elements play an important role in getting the desired attention. So while you are cutting on content, here are some very important things that must be there on your business card.

  1. Logo And Tagline Of Your Nutrition Business

    A well-designed business card always impresses the prospect and keeps him engrossed in the information. So, always maintain a flow and decide how you want the user to assimilate your information. If you want your prospect to emphasize more on your brand, then give more exposure to the brand logo and tagline. A logo can be placed on either of the sides, but makes sure it stands out of the crowd.

  2. Name And Designation

    After describing your brand, then pull your prospect’s attention onto your name and designation because no one fancies an anonymous card. Sometimes, you might don multiple hats – online nutritionist, dietitian entrepreneur, but mention the role that will urge the prospect to get in touch. A quick tip: keep the font size of the name and designation smaller than the brand name.

  3. Contact Details

    Contact information is the heart and soul of a business card. Without this information, you are an alien for your prospect. Giving away your personal phone number is your choice but I would suggest, mention an office number that you possess. Make sure that you are readily available on the mentioned phone number. With phone number, email id is a requisite. Try and keep it professional by giving away your official email address and not personal. You can also mention the address of your workplace, but that depends on how crucial it is for your nutrition business.

  4. Website URL

    When I say website URL, you don’t have to mention your homepage. In fact, you can get a page designed which can become your welcome page. On this page, you can have a small video, some offers or even brief overview about yourself. You can even thank them for visiting your website, thus establishing a personal connection. Interestingly, websites can become a good medium for revenue for RDNs, so mention them. Also, come up with a small and easy URL so that prospects can remember.

  5. Social Media Profiles

    To check the authenticity and identity, every prospect prefers going on social media profiles. If you don’t have a social media profile, then you literally do not exist for a prospect. Don’t mention all your profiles – Instagram, Facebook, Pinterest, LinkedIn, Snapchat, etc. Just list top 3 or 4 where you are most active. It will give them an insight into your profile and practice.

  6. QR Code

    Business cards make a great impact, but chances of loosing one are great. With digitization, you can quickly scan the card and save the number to the phone list. This can be easily achieved by including QR code on your business card. A QR code is a machine-readable code that boasts of an array of black and white squares and is used for storing URLs or other information. This information can be read by a camera on a smartphone. Including one can really make your card look trendy!

  7. Quality

    The print quality really matters. The feel of the card plays a vital role. You have to be particular about the size of the card, thickness on the card, ink quality, sharpness and texture. Even though you are not a pro and it is not your job to print the cards, get in touch with the printing vendor and understand each aspect of it and take an informed decision. This will help you in coming up with a business card that makes a long lasting impression.

Bonus: Other than these, balancing the white space is very important. White space directs the eye towards the content.

If you need help with business card design or custom branding for your business, it’s time to connect with us!