8 Must-Haves For A Website For Start-Up Health Coaches

There are several medical practitioners who help us for a healthy lifestyle. However, they may fall short owing to resources and lack of time. Well, to fill this void – a health coach, comes to rescue, who makes us feel our best by making changes in our food and lifestyle. Despite good knowledge, it might take a long time for a health coach to take off with his business, especially if he is a start-up. The challenges could be abundant, but every professional needs a ray of inspiration to overcome hurdles and become successful. Well, this backlog can be overcome by starting a website that is meant only for the betterment of start-up health coaches. However, to undertake that, following are the prerequisites that a website should boast of.

  1. Clear Message On The Homepage

    You literally have just 15 seconds to allure your visitor to stick around. And in those seconds, if you are not going to convey a clear message then your prospects are going to bid adieu. Write a brief of what you intend to do for your fellow health coaches. Design appropriate ‘Call-To-Actions’, that will guide them while navigation of the website. Keep your homepage, free from unnecessary clutter because that might confuse the prospect. Maintain a smooth flow of the homepage and do have a picture of yours on the homepage.

  2. Your Profile

    Remember, your prospects are looking for a medium where they can gain knowledge and warm up to solve their woes. So, it’s very important that you mention all your details under your profile, including a picture and your educational qualifications. Your profile should narrate a story – about your evolution, challenges and your success. You should also brief about the objective of the website and specify the business mission, as it will give more clarity.

  3. Clear Call-To-Actions

    Navigation plays a vital role in a website. Every website needs a road map – where to stop, proceed or return, but if it’s going to be a maze then your visitor will no longer explore. So, try and have a navigation that is easy and that can be achieved with proper call-to-actions. Make sure that every website has a step that you want your visitor to take. This step could be anything – signing up for a newsletter, exploring packages, signing up for consultation, checking contact details, etc., but make sure it is clear for them to retaliate.

  4. Programs

    There are abundant programs that a mentor designs for his fellow colleagues. These training programs, educate the health coach with business know-hows, how to design packages to attract more clients, how to urge clients to subscribe and many more. However, it’s always good to mention the details of these programs. The description should be loud and clear. Try and have an image, when clicked, redirects to a more detailed information section. Furthermore, in that section, you can mention – FAQs, price, success stories, salient features, etc. You can also make use of the WooCommerce plugin to have an e-commerce setup.

  5. Contact Details

    Without this, you are going nowhere near your business! Try and design this page as simple as possible, but do not ever think of skipping it. Design a contact form with the help of Contact Form 7 plugin which you can customize as per your requirements. Additionally, do mention office number – mobile or landline, email id and social media profiles. You can also create a Facebook Group for mentoring your colleagues, whose link will be on your Contact Page. Also, design a call-to-action for newsletter subscription, so that you can keep a tab on visitors.

  6. Freebies

    Who doesn’t like free resources, especially when you are a budding health coach. Freebies can be anything, right from – eBooks to video series. Try and have a different webpage for exploring this section as you might have a gamut of freebies. Once you redirect your prospect, enlist the freebies and a detailed description as to how they help in the betterment of the health coaching business. Also, highlight some success stories of your past clients and how these resources benefited them – this definitely motivates.

  7. Blog

    Time and again, it has been proven that blogging is must for a business website. It helps in conversions and creates a personal podium for prospects to strike a conversation. Moreover, you can share some amazing insights – tips for designing a website, marketing tools, online consulting, etc. In fact, through your blog, the start-up health coaches will get an insight about your expertise and will boost their confidence for enrollment. They can also get tips for running a successful business.

  8. Testimonials

    Every prospect wants to absorb in-depth information and testimonials prove to be that fulcrum. Through, success stories they get an insight of the level of satisfaction of clients. Moreover, testimonials are immensely important when it comes to branding. They strengthen the credibility of your business and also boosts the trust factor amongst the prospects. Testimonials can be a great medium to attract more start-ups.

  9. So, these are some of the areas that you need to highlight on your website dedicated to health coaches. However, if you need any help then, contact us to get started with a website that will help your business.