8 Awesome Platforms For Selling Your Nutrition eBooks

If you’re an expert in nutrition business, then you can earnestly share your knowledge by writing an eBook. The greatest satisfaction for a nutritionist, an RDN, a health and wellness coach is to get their eBook published. Moreover, it gives immense pleasure when you make that first sale. Writing a book is not a joke as it takes loads of your time, creativity, efforts to churn out that masterpiece. It was difficult to sell an eBook some years back, but now they are the hot trend on the internet. Several RDNs prefer giving away eBooks on the blog or website, but they don’t really earn any revenue out of it. However, with time, an array of platforms have come up for selling your eBooks. So, if you have written an eBook, edited it and is ready to sell, then get ready to explore these websites for publishing and selling your bestseller.

  1. Selz.com

    Selz offers highly customizable packages for selling your eBooks. All the downloads are served through their global CDN, thus assuring fastest downloading speed. Also, they have the automatic delivery option, wherein a buyer has options to download, stream, save to Dropbox or send to Kindle. The website helps you design email list, discounts and coupons and gives you sales analytics. You have a trial period for 14 days and you can opt for a free account by listing 5 items. The monthly paid package starts from $12.99 with unlimited item listing, customizable design, themes and many more.


  2. PayHip

    PayHip is an awesome e-commerce website that helps you sell your eBooks. PayHip helps you handle payment through PayPal and Stripe and also delivers all the files securely to the customers. Also, PayHip helps in selling your eBooks on Facebook and Twitter as well as any website or blog. Most importantly, you can protect your eBook from getting pirated. Before downloading – you can stamp the buyer’s email at the top left of each page of your PDF files. Interestingly, you have to pay only when you make a sale. PayHip charges 5% per transaction and there are no setup fees, no monthly fees or even hosting fees.


  3. Amazon Kindle Direct Publish

    You can publish your eBooks for free with Kindle Direct Publishing, that will help you connect with millions of readers on Amazon. The self-publishing feature literally takes just 5 minutes and your book starts appearing in Kindle stores on a global level within 24-48 hours. Along with exposure, you get opportunity to earn money too. You can earn 70% royalty if the sales take place in the US, Canada, UK, Germany, India, France, Italy, Spain, Japan, Brazil, Mexico, Australia and more. Moreover, you can keep a control on the rights and prices, as well as make changes to your books anytime.


  4. Gumroad

    A very flexible platform that allows you to sell your eBook effortlessly. With Gumroad, you can design, customer discounts, both – via percentage or by a fixed amount. You can also sell your eBook in multiple versions – PDF, ePub or Mobi. You can also enjoy the feature of multi-currency to reach out to more global users. For security and anti-sharing, you can turn off downloads for your product, or you can also let Gumroad put up a stamp for authenticity. The pricing of Gumroad starts at $10 a month, which includes unlimited bandwidth.


  5. BookBaby

    BookBaby, transforms your journey of a writer to published author swiftly. It is one of the few companies that caters to all needs, right from writing, designing, to global distribution, direct-to-reader sales and marketing help. It boasts of 100% money-back satisfaction guarantee and you can also keep 100% of your net eBook sales, without giving away any commission. The eBook file conversion starts from $99 but there’s a package for eBook Conversion & Retail Distribution which costs $249. In this package you can avail – expert eBook conversion services and tools for promotion, distribution, and selling your eBook in the biggest bookstores on a global level.


  6. Blurb

    Blurb has varied layouts that makes it extremely easy to create any kind of book and magazine – in print as well as digital. Once you create your book, you can sell your book through e-readers, such as Amazon Kindle and Apple iPad. There are two types of layouts – Fixed-layout eBooks and Reflowable eBooks. The conversion fee of fixed layout is $9.99 but there are no royalty charges from Blurb. This layout is best suited for Amazon Kindle Fire, Apple iPad, Android devices and Mac or PC computers. On the other hand, reflowable eBook has free conversion in the beta version and is well suited for Amazon Kindle and Apple iPad.


  7. Lulu

    Lulu is an amazing platform wherein you can create, publish and sell your book for free. If you are unable to create then Lulu also offers special service with meager fee. Interestingly, Lulu is also available in – English, French, Spanish, German, Italian and Dutch that helps in global reach. Moreover, if your child wants to become a published author then there’s Lulu Jr. too. Interestingly your eBook price is $8.99 and you can also calculate your revenue depending upon the retailer – which can range from $3.61 to $7.20.


  8. Kobo Writing Life

    Kobo is one of the easiest self-publishing platform, because it helps you publish your eBook in just 5 simple steps. First, you’ll have to – describe your eBook, add the content of the eBook, choose the rights of the content, set the price and finally publish. Once you hit the button publish – your eBook will be available to Kobo customers across the globe or even in the region that you have specified. You can also set categories so that it becomes easier to find your eBook. You can also monitor your sales with Kobo. The best part is Kobo doesn’t charge any fee for creating and publishing of an eBook.


So, which platform are you going to choose to publish your first eBook? Have you used any other platform? Do let us know in the comments below!