6 Incredible WordPress Membership Plugins For A Nutritionist’s Website

Membership sites are truly a bliss, because they give you a chance to earn recurring income. Tempt a prospect with some healthy nutrition tips or some amazing health and nutrition articles and you’ll observe that they keep coming back to your nutrition website for months or even for years. Also, if you start online communities and shed light on the importance of good nutrition or daily nutrition guide then your membership program will flourish in no time. This not only increases traffic but also boosts conversions. Well, options are abundant but inception of a membership program on your website is important. However, this problem has been successfully solved by WordPress by maintaining an array of membership plugins. These plugins boasts of some amazing features but you just need to generate outstanding content to rule the roost. So, lets start exploring some of the best plugins.

  1. Restrict Content Pro

    Restrict Content Pro is considered to be one of the most reliable and famous plugin, because it is being developed by the Pippins Plugins family who have also developed AffiliateWP and Easy Digital Downloads. This plugin includes complete customer dashboard that helps the members manage their account. The members can view their account status, upgrade details, cancel their account, renewal/expiration date, their payment history and invoices. You can also create unlimited subscription packages like – free, trial and premium. Moreover, restrict content pro integrates directly with many of the popular merchant processors like Stripe, PayPal and more. Apart from this, you can send emails for reminder, welcome, etc., create discount codes, undertake members management, integrate WooCommerce and much more. The pricing package starts from $99 per year and it has an attractive refund policy.


  2. WooCommerce Memberships

    Developed by SkyVerge, this product comes from the family of one of the most excellent WordPress eCommerce solution – WooCommerce. Famous for being user-friendly, this plugin creates a perfect blend of shop, content and memberships. Thus, helping you create an entire membership system that can be seamlessly tied to your online nutrition store. Moreover, WooCommerce Memberships, brags all membership plugin functionalities too like — drip feeding content, restricting content and many more. But the show-stopper amongst all features is – the plugin’s partnership with WooCommerce. With thus, you can exercise various types of memberships, like – creating a nutrition related product for membership, granting membership against a product purchased, granting memberships only for those who are invited and many more. As an add-on, you can also blend memberships with WooCommerce Subscriptions which is an eCommerce recurring payment solution. The pricing package of this plugin for a single site starts from $149.


  3. MemberMouse

    MemberMouse brags the title of being the most scalable plugin, because of its extensive yet user-friendly features. Moreover, it is a paradise for developers as there are customized layouts, powerful short codes, over 200 support articles and more than 60 video tutorials. Also, MemberMouse has a strong import wizard that helps in migrating from any third-party membership system or even a WordPress membership plugin. Also, you can maximize your revenue with a unique feature called 1-Click Upsells – that helps in selling additional products to your members. Apart from this, members can gift memberships, accounts can be locked whose credentials have been shared with others, promote membership on social media, self-configuration of the checkout pages, etc. The pricing package of this plugins starts from $19.95/month.


  4. MemberPress

    MemberPress is meant for users who are not tech-geek. It is one of the easiest membership site software because you can setup in 3 easy steps – install, enter payment gateway details, put up some products and your site is up! The makers of MemberPress have made sure to make the plugin stable and secure by closely following PHP and WordPress.org’s best coding practices. The best part is this plugin works with any theme, be it StudioPress or WooThemes. You can also blend MemberPress with Affiliate Royale – an affiliate program plugin for WordPress because affiliate marketing is a boon for nutritionist’s website to generate revenue as advertisement. Apart from this, you can integrate your own custom code, opt for solid support, make use of coupons, hassle-free payment gateway integration and much more. The pricing package of this plugin starts from $119/year with a 14-day money back guarantee.


  5. Paid Membership Pro

    Paid Memberships Pro is an awesome plugin for WordPress which works seamlessly with WordPress version 3.0 or higher. However, the team is working diligently to corroborate compatibility with new WordPress releases too. Moreover, the plugin integrates with top-notch payment gateways like Stripe and Paypal, structuring of the membership site can be done as per your content, customized pages and much more. Most importantly, the plugin is search engine optimized (SEO) and if you have any ads running on your nutrition website, then they can be customized for site members. There an array of add-ons too, wherein it can be integrated with various email newsletter services email like ConvertKit, MailChimp, etc. The pricing package of this plugin starts from $97/year, however there is a free package but with very limited services.


  6. WP-Members: Membership Framework

    This plugin is one of the most compelling and original plugin for WordPress. The plugin is extremely user-friendly, flexible and most importantly – FREE. For installing this plugin, you really don’t need to chip in single penny and is meant for nutritionist who have started their business on a very tight capital. By default, WordPress tags the content ‘open’ and viewable, but the nutritionist (site owner) has the right to restrict specific content by setting a password. Not just this, but one can unblock the content whenever he/she wants. Also, using the WP-Members admin panel, one can also create and delete customized registration fields. Apart from this, there are notification settings for new user registrations, you upheld new registrations till the time admin approves and also create post excerpts.


So, this is our list of membership plugins for your WordPress website. However, if you wish to add some more in this list then feel free to comment below!