10 Amazing Freebie Ideas To Offer To Your Nutrition Website Visitors

Every registered dietitian and nutritionist (RDN), health and wellness coach eye for one thing – to increase traffic on their website and boost their visitors’ list. These goals can be achieved only when you go overboard to satisfy your customers. One such method for alluring your prospects is – ‘freebies’. Freebies definition itself states, “something given without charge”. Freebie marketing not only creates positive buzz, but creates a client base – after all who doesn’t like free stuff? While, several nutritionists have something or the other for free, but are you still looking for inspiration? Then read on.

  1. Ebooks

    eBooks are a great medium to give away loads of information. The best part is, you can download an eBook in a jiffy and start reading within seconds, without leaving your house. For attracting prospects, you can either come up with whitepapers or full length digital books on nutrition. However, before giving away – decide your niche, your topics, platforms where you want to publish and do you want to give the entire book or just excerpts?

  2. Audio/Video Series

    I think audio/video creates more impact than textual content. I feel they connect with the audiences easily. So, if you are comfortable with a microphone and not camera shy then you should definitely opt for audio/video series and give it for free downloading. It might be a hurricane task to shoot, but then you can demonstrate, connect and build a stronger bond with the audiences.

  3. Discount Coupons

    If you are confident that your prospect is going to buy your services or even product then you can design discount coupons. This discount coupon can be a hard copy as well as a soft copy. You can keep them as takeaways in your clinic or include them in an email for online subscribers. You can also giveaway if a prospect opts-in for your newsletter subscription.

  4. Diet Plan

    I am completely aware that it takes of a lot of time and efforts to design a diet plan. All your expertise and its after effects are at stake while giving away a diet plan. So, then think the other way around. Design a free diet plan for 10 days and track the results. Whatever results you get at the end of the plan, will give you more space for improvisation if necessary. And if the diet gives beautiful results to the prospect then he will be more than happy for enjoying a free plan and might opt for a full-fledged program too.

  5. Recipes

    Every person craves for a healthy lifestyle and unfortunately junk food has taken over our hunger pangs. So, this is when, an RDN can step in as a hero. You can share your recipes or cookbooks for free. People are always looking out for alternatives for unhealthy snacks. Your recipes can prove to be a boon for you as well as for your followers. You will get exposure and prospects will get a gateway to a healthy life.

  6. Samples

    If you have designed some products – creams, lotions, detox syrups, capsules, supplements, etc., then you can give them for free. You can give away small packages as samples or for trials. If your prospects demand for more – then you can offer them to enrol in your nutrition program or go for a paid membership. With this, your products will be circulated and eventually your reach will increase.

  7. Free Consultation

    There are various websites that maintain a directory of nutritionist, health and wellness coach, general practitioners, etc. If you are in need of any help for any health or nutrition related queries then you are given a personal therapist. His/her expertise helps you overcome your problem and in return you just need to sign up for a newsletter, or register on their website, etc. In the same way, as an independent practitioner you can also opt for the same. You can give free online consultation and in exchange you can ask them to register on your website or opt-in for the newsletter.

  8. Free Preview

    We love to attend conferences, networking events because these functions mark the presence of various dignitaries. In a way, it’s a learning experience for one and all. Also, in such events these dignitaries share various tips that can be implemented in our daily lives. Well, not everyone can attend such events and hear them out, so why not you become a medium for making these events accessible to all. You can allow preview of few minutes of the video and then ask for registration to continue. This freebie can be possible for a book also, wherein you can give away few chapters free.

  9. Challenges

    Challenges are a new trend to motivate especially when you are trying to lose weight. You can design various challenges for 5 days, 10 days, which will be jam packed with tips and information. Furthermore, you can also provide tools, list of veggies, meal plan and can challenge a prospect to take it up. With these, you can either increase your email list, your followers on Facebook or website traffic. All-in-all, it’s a win-win situation.

  10. Free Assessment

    Calculating Body Mass Index, Waist–Hip ratio, questionnaire – regarding healthy eating habits or daily health regime – all these can come under assessment. Every prospect is curious whether he/she is making the right eating choices, so with such assessments they know where they stand. In fact, if any anomalies found, you can guide them furthermore by giving online consultation.

I hope the post I shared has guided you well for increasing traffic to your website using freebies. So, start planning and as you gain prominence, you can come up with daily freebies and watch your traffic skyrocket!