10 Website Mistakes Every Health Coach Should Avoid

A web design should strike an equilibrium between coding, user experience and looks. I have come across so many clients, especially health coaches, who have opt for redesigning as their web designer couldn’t help them boost conversion rates. The health coaching website, I dealt were poorly designed and had so many mistakes that it became a hurricane task for me as well as for the client to recuperate. An effective web design with a perfect blend of themes and an apt web designer is something that every health coach should lookout for! It takes great efforts for a website to transform from good to great and so I came up with a set of mistakes that a health coach should avoid while designing his/her website. Want to know more, then read on.

  1. Placement of Advertisements

    Advertisements play a great deal, while earning revenue from your website. However, when any prospect enters your website and if the ads are covering the main information area, then you’ll be losing out a lot of clients. Moreover, if you are running Google Adsense on your site and a message pops about your rivals, then it will definitely divide their attention. To get more relevant ads through Google Adsense, then you must read our post. Moreover, try and highlight your expertise through health and wellness articles, videos, transformation stories and solutions to health problems.

  2. Lack Of Interaction

    A lot of web designers commit this mistake of designing a website that looks like a catalogue. Building a successful business website can be a challenge but not implausible. Make your website more interesting by creating clean web pages and giving away free resources like basic food nutrition chart, information about personal healing coach, the benefits of health coaching, video/audio about healthy eating, recipes, etc. Get their email ids without fail so that you can keep up the continuous communication.

  3. Deviating Graphics

    Do you like to strike a conversation with your prospects in the middle of a fish market? No, right? In the same way, disturbing graphics like continuous moving sliders, rotating tweets, etc., should not be included in the same frame. Its like imposing them with a moving screen which can irritate them and eventually force them to leave your website. Also, along with graphics, make use of subtle colors. Hire a web designer who has sound knowledge about colors, graphics and their intensity on the screens.

  4. Browser Compatibility

    Did you know, your website looks different on every browser? Though, mobile devices have already overtaken desktops wherein mobile accounts for 51.3% and desktop 48.7%, yet desktop lovers do exist. If your website is compatible with all the browsers, then rest assured you are on the right track in attracting them. Browser compatibility adds to the user experience and doesn’t steer them away from your website. So, I would suggest that go for the testing of cross browser compatibility while working on your website. There are some amazing tools that will help you achieve this goal.

  5. Poor Content

    There are abundant factors that affect your web site visitors and traffic, but poor content tops the list. For retaining visitors, your website has to be informative and interesting. Avoid fluff in your copy and add a tinge of humor, personal experiences to make it more enticing. You are into health coaching so the prospect will be hunting for motivation and your content should influence your prospects. Let your words give them energy and an urge to setup an appointment with you.

  6. No Niche Specified

    Every health coach should clearly specify his/her forte. Some might be good in dealing with kids or some might be good with women health problems. So, your website should clearly specify that. If you don’t, your prospect will visit your website with expectations and will be left disheartened. So, specify your niche clearly on the homepage to avoid confusion. Remember, your niche is your identity, your prosperity and a key to an ever-growing business.

  7. Cluttered Navigation

    It’s great to have abundant pages, but don’t you think it’s going to clutter your website too much? The same mantra goes for navigation. Many health coaches add too many options when it comes to navigation, thus confusing the prospect. Instead, people love that is less because they don’t have much to unravel. With limited options, brief information, they are self-satisfied and also anxious to know more.

  8. No Freebies While Opt-In

    An important role that a website plays is to increase opt-in list. You can have subscriptions, design newsletters with the help of Email Newsletter Services, run membership programs with the help of plugins but to attract prospects you’ll need freebies to offer. When a prospect subscribes, make sure to give him some discount coupon, excerpts from your ebook, etc. This helps in building trust factor and also adds credibility to your website. For inspiration, you can refer to our post on freebie ideas.

  9. No Customer Support

    When you are taking a leap in digital business, then it’s necessary to serve your prospects with top-notch customer support. You can opt for live chat, telephonic support, email support or even virtual assistant. Your prospects are going to have a gamut of doubts and if you aren’t available, then they are definitely going to turn their back. So, make sure to have an able customer support.

  10. Too Much Information About Health Programs

    It’s good to give away information about your health programs, but don’t you think there’ll be no element of surprise? Moreover, instead of sharing their information, share the benefits of the programs. Your prospects are more concerned about the aftermath and it’s your job to guess that pain point and highlight the same.

Well, I think these are some of the elements that you should keep in mind while designing a website. Moreover, don’t forget to design a mobile responsive website. Also, we specialize in designing websites meant for health coaches and are well-versed with all necessary functionalities and features that a website should have. So, do contact us and we will help you design a masterpiece.