5 Easy Steps That Will Turn Your Nutrition Website From Good To Great

If you are running a business, just having a website doesn’t cut it. You need a website that works for your business; that eventually helps you in generating revenue.

A great design is just the beginning. You need to look “under-the-hood” to turn your website into an effective marketing tool. Here are 5 simple steps to do just that — turn your nutrition website into a business website that builds traffic, generates revenue and ranks well in SERPs.

  1. Emphasize On Yourself

    While you are into nutrition business, trust plays a vital role. Unless and until you don’t highlight yourself and your work, people are not going to take you seriously. You need to show your clients who you are, because that will build a stronger bond and they will know the creator on a personal level. Your website need an ‘About Us’ section and make sure to include your biography with your qualifications, awards and recognition. It goes a long way in building rapport with your online audience.

  2. Easy and Clear Information

    Many experts write content that only experts can perceive and not a layman. So, when your prospects land on your page, they are clueless what you want to depict and hence prefer leaving the website. Instead, try and keep the information as simple as possible. Also, if you are mentioning terminologies related to nutrition business, then make sure that you explain them correctly with the help of a glossary. Keep your audience glued to your site and make sure that the copy on your website and landing pages is simple and clear.

  3. Be Consistent

    I am totally aware that we all are tied up with our daily targets. However, while managing an online business, you need to maintain consistency, no matter what. Content is very important, especially when you want to target your audience through a website. Your prospects refer to the quality of posts and articles while undertaking a research before approaching. Your blog posts and interactions on social media establish your authority online. Make it a point to publish the posts at specific intervals; say every alternate day, once a week or one every fortnight and stick to it. Check this post for interesting ideas for nutrition blog that will keep you going.

  4. Social Media Integration

    This is a prerequisite – no matter what. People want to know you on personal grounds and your social media profile is that bridge. With social media integration, they will have a feeling that they are interacting with the person and not the brand. Also, it makes it a lot easier for your online audience to share your content on social media platforms. Social media integration is one of the must haves for your website. Also check out the quick list of must-haves for your nutrition website here.

  5. Explanation Of Services

    When a prospect approaches a nutritionist – the first thing that he searches – is for services. The website visitor will browse through the packages, the prices and the benefits. You can take inspiration from effective nutrition websites listed in this post: 10 Awesome Examples Of Nutrition Websites. With this, they gets a clear idea of what they are going to get and how much they’ll have to spend. If you don’t want to mention prices owing to competition, then you can have a CTA (Call-to-action) wherein the person can connect with you directly. But explain each factor clearly to avoid bounce rates and confusion.

These simple tips will help you in improving your website in a great way. The bottom line is to keep it simple; so that your audience can relate to it and engage themselves. There are other steps too and I promise I will soon get back with them in another post.

…and if you need help with optimizing your business website, get in touch with us.