8 Must-Haves For Your Dietitian & Nutrition Website

I have been designing websites for nutritionists, health coaches, RDNs, wellness coaches, etc for over 8 years. In the span of 8 years there have been a lot of advancements in the field of website design and development. Trends and technologies come and go. But the way users interact with the site greatly determine the must haves for a site. And this varies from niche to niche. Here are some important elements you should include if you are running a nutrition website.

  1. Your Profile

    If I am a potential client, then the first thing I will check on a nutritionist’s website is the profile of an RDN. I need to validate whether the person I am going to consult, is authentic or no. Also, I will go through the educational qualifications, expertise, experience in the field, etc. To form this connection, having a profile is extremely important. Include a detailed description about yourself and your work on a dedicated About page.

  2. Health Related Tips

    Everyone loves health related tips and if they are coming straight from the expert, then visitors are willingly ready to absorb them. On top of that if they are free, it’s a win-win situation. In ‘tips’ section – you can categorize the content depending on age or depending on profession, anything that suits your comfort. But maintaining the consistency of sharing one tip a day, would surely increase user interaction and boost the traffic.

  3. Blog Posts and Articles

    Blogging truly has its own forte, thus urging several celebrities, bigwigs to stick around it. Blogging will not just become a communication medium with your prospects, but can become a marketing tool too. With blogging, you can keep followers updated with the latest news, build your brand and eventually build a community. So, blogging is a must for an RDN website.

  4. BMI Calculator and Body Assessment

    BMI i.e. Body Mass Index is nothing but a tool that helps in screening whether your weight is healthy as per your height. With BMI, one can guess whether he/she are prone to health problems like heart diseases, diabetes, etc. Every individual wants to know his/her BMI and offering a widget for the same would be like an icing on the cake. After calculating BMI, you can also evaluate and tell them whether they have to gain or lose weight. Moreover, you can also have a widget wherein you can take their body measurements and inform them about their Waist To Hip Ratio – whether it is in the normal range. If both the findings are not normal, then you can ask always pitch in for your nutrition program.

  5. Delicious Recipes

    Who likes to stay away from scrumptious food? I am a foodie, but whatever I eat – is healthy and nutritious. Thanks to my RDN, I have found alternatives to several unhealthy foodstuffs. In the same way, you can also come up with some amazing recipes that are healthy. Again, you can categorise recipes for adults and kids. Also, you can make a list of recipes for all 3 major meals. Moreover, you can design a chart of the nutritional value of foodstuffs wherein visitors will get a sneak peek of their eating habits.

  6. Online Nutrition Store

    Kindle and tabs have really made book reading mesmerising. I hardly buy books in stores because my kindle is stocked with some of the bestsellers. Make use of platforms like Easy Digital Downloads that will make it easy to sell your eBook. If you have products or even a physical copy of books, then you can make use of WooCommerce for selling those. Most importantly, design a killer landing page to boost maximum conversions.

  7. Contact Details

    Contact Page is extremely important for RDN business because that’s how people are going to connect. Try and mention all necessary details – contact number where you’re readily available, email id, office number, social media handle and also a map if you have an offline clinic. Make sure all your social media handles are linked to your explicit accounts. Also, have a contact form, if any visitor wants you to contact him. You can make use of Contact Form 7 WordPress plugin for designing the contact form.

  8. Opt-in Forms

    E-mail newsletters are an amazing marketing tool. By offering newsletter your prospects remain updated about the happenings on your website and blog, that eventually establishes your expertise. Most importantly, place the subscription option in such a way that a prospect can’t turn a blind eye. Moreover, you can refer these killer tips for placing sign up and subscription options.

So, aforementioned are the elements that very important for your nutrition website. Apart from this, your website should be search engine optimized, responsive and visually appealing. However, if you are looking forward to design a website that help and boost your business then free to contact us!