9 Elements You’ll Need While Going Digital With Your Nutrition Business

Internet plays an integral part in our lives. With internet, the rise in social media, blogging has proved that the world is literally ‘going digital’. Gone are the days of brick and mortar store, as they have been swiftly overshadowed by digital business which are comparatively hassle-free and pocket-friendly. Several businesses are taking this leap, thus urging various registered dietitian and nutritionist (RDN), health and wellness coach to explore their career horizons. While some are opting for Online Nutrition Consulting Business while some have started publishing their Nutrition eBooks; which has eventually become a win-win situation for both RDNs and prospects. Digital business not only helps you in succeeding, but helps you thrive. So, are you curious about the resources to set up your digital business, then continue reading.

  1. Website And Logo

    Website is the heart and soul rather the first step towards your digital business. Every nutrition business – small or big, definitely needs a website as it can become a great way to build side-revenue. Moreover, a website gives your business credibility and makes it easy for your patients to find you, communicate with you despite geographical barriers. For starting your website, you’ll need to come up with a perfect name and here are some do’s and don’ts while naming your business. After that, register a domain name followed by choosing a web host.  Then, its time to decide the CMS –  and I would suggest WordPress should be your ultimate choice. Finally, hire a web designer to design your website.

    After website, its time to design a logo because it reflects your personality. However, make sure that your logo and your website design complement each other. For inspiration, you can explore the options here.

  2. Social Media Presence

    Social media is one of the most phenomenal strategy. It merely started as an entertainment tool that connected people across the globe. However, it has now tagged as a powerful marketing tool for bridging communication gap between marketers and customers. As of now, Facebook truly is the ruler in this scenario as it boasts of over 1,870 million active users. With such enormous reach, isn’t it mandatory for you to come up with a social media account? Set up your business account and page right away on all popular platforms and just witness the growth!

  3. Online Advertisements And Marketing

    Online advertising is a very effective tool to spread your reach. Reports have stated that around 95% of Google’s revenue comes from online advertising. There are various mediums like – pay-per-click or keyword advertising, social media ads like Facebook ads, banners and display ads, pop-up ads, remarketing, inbound marketing, etc., that help boost advertising. Apart from this, you can also opt for email marketing and blogging. You can make use of email newsletter service providers, who will help you design your email marketing campaign while with blogging, you can churn out some amazing blog post ideas and can follow this guide to set up your nutrition blog.

  4. SEO

    A study concludes that websites that are ranked number one, receive an average click-through rate (CTR) of 36.4 percent, thus receiving all the attention and visits. Almost, 93% of online experiences begin with a search engine, which shows the power of Search Engine Optimization (SEO). SEO helps in optimizing your online content, so that you get visibility in the top result searches of a search engine. For creating a search-friendly website, research well, use the right keywords with the help of tools like LSI Keyword Generator and raise questions to get accurate results.

  5. Landing Pages

    Landing pages and high conversion rates go hand-in-hand in digital business. A landing page is nothing but to capture a prospect’s information through a conversion form. If a prospect is looking for online consulting then designing a page especially to serve the purpose, is what landing page undertakes. There are various examples of landing pages but make sure to create an effective landing page that yields results.

  6. Online Tools

    You have a digital business to run, so it is extremely important that you make use of some amazing online tools to test the usability of your website. Your website can be effective, but it is important to learn the behaviour and browsing pattern of prospects to boost conversion rates. Keep an eye on your visitors with analytics software or tools like Google Analytics, Open Web Analytics, CrazyEgg etc. Moreover, make arrangements for online security by using cloud-based backup systems, secured software and payment systems.

  7. E-commerce Platforms

    E-commerce integration is extremely important while selling products and services and for this you need to choose the best online services or e-commerce platforms. These platforms are a breather because you can set up your online store effortlessly from various templates available, choose payment options and moreover get help in enhancing conversions. You just need to compare prices and choose the best among the lot.

  8. Mobile Solutions

    Its likely that mobile phone users, might cross the mark of 4.77 billion in 2017, so it is very necessary to cater to the needs of these users by having a mobile-responsive website.  Moreover, pave way for mobile commerce, so that prospects will be able to transact from their mobile phones. Also, if budget permits then you can come up with a mobile app to simplify tasks.

  9. Customer Support

    Last but not the least, set up a customer support for catering to queries related to their health. You can either opt for virtual assistants, live chat, help via mobile/landline, help via email, surveys and assessments. Prospects have abundant queries related to their nutrition and they should have a podium to share them. Moreover, customer support helps abundantly for growing your business as you come in direct contact with your prospect.

So, these are some of the elements you need while going digital in your nutrition business. However, if you need any help for setting up your digital business, then feel free to connect with us!