Discover 8 Amazing Marketing Tools For Your Nutrition Business

A few days back, I had a meeting with my prospective client who is a Registered Dietitian and Nutritionist. While discussing, she mentioned that she had bought a space for her clinic, however, was anxiously waiting for her business to kick start at a skyrocketing pace. Interestingly, she had set out on a business adventure without any particular marketing strategy in place. She was unaware that marketing helps the prospects with your profile, generates leads and referrals and eventually helps in blooming your business. So, with all my expertise and research, I came up with some of the marketing tools that she could implement, so here they are.

  1. Market Research

    Before targeting your prospects, you first need to analyze your area. You’ll have to carve your niche which hasn’t been utilized before. For example: if you research and find out that kids in your area need some healthy nutrition tips, then they can become your target group. You can start giving healthy tips, interesting recipes which will help you target both – parents and kids. Also, you need to research that, are there any RDNs in the nearby area? How many patients religiously follow them? How much are they charging and how can you become unique amidst competition? First answer these questions and eventually you will have a precise vision about the market.

  2. Networking

    Attending social events, networking events, conferences, seminars is a great way to target your audience. Networking is nothing but exchanging information among various individuals, groups or even cultivating constructive relationships for business. Networking is not limited to, meeting people or exchanging business cards, but there are more facets to it. One can build new relationships and spread a word about his service in a better way amongst the like-minded people.

  3. Website

    Time and again, a question pops out – do you need a website? And the answer is always going to be a big YES. Every business – small or big, needs a website. It’s an immensely popular tool that will give credibility to your business and will allow your patients to know you better before visiting you. After receiving several referrals, patients often rely on web presence to dig more information. Moreover, your dietitian and nutrition website can become a great medium for side-revenue too. So, designing a robust website is a requisite and highly recommended.

  4. Advertising – Online And Offline

    Every good thing, comes with a price tag and so is advertising. Advertising has a far-reaching impact and presents a very professional image of yours in the market. Advertising is a costly affair so before investing in it, carry out a thorough research – whether you want to go for online or offline advertising. Examine the benefits of all media platforms before churning out a budget. Many RDNs believe in large newspapers, television and radio ads while some invest in Google Ads, Search Engine Marketing, Mobile advertising. Both are effective, but your budget should decide which way you should walk on.

  5. Social Media

    Social media is the latest and the most phenomenal medium for the growth of the business. Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, Pinterest, YouTube and blogging are the most fantastic ways to gain more exposure and earn name and fame in the market. The only thing you need to invest is – time. So, you need to be very strategic, maintain a timely schedule for updating your profile and explore options and exercise habits while undertaking your social media marketing. You need to set goals and give equal importance to all platforms of social media.

  6. Newsletters

    Email marketing has always proved to be fruitful for budding businesses. Also, they are inexpensive and no matter what, they directly land in the inbox of the target group. By advertising through newsletters, you not only strike a conversation, but also stay connected with your patients. You can shoot monthly, weekly or even quarterly newsletters which will help your patients become accustomed to you. You can get hold of the best email provider that will help you with your email marketing strategy.

  7. Brochures

    Brochures are another amazing and easy-on-the-pocket medium for marketing your nutrition business. There are abundant tools and designs that help in designing a fantastic, eye-pleasing brochure. However, don’t clutter the brochure with too much content. Let the information be forthright that conveys about you and your practice. You can distribute these brochures at networking events, or at a doctor’s clinic or can email it to your prospects.

  8. Word-Of-Mouth Advertising

    This unpaid form of promotion truly does wonders wherein a happy patient tells other prospects how much they are delighted with your service. This medium is equally credible for the patient too, as they recommend to people and in return gain appreciation for their deed. To earn trust of your patients, your customer service has to be top-notch. To boost this advertising, you can also undertake press releases, interviews with local newspapers, radios and television. You can also opt for a newspaper article or magazine to help spread the word.

So, the aforementioned are some of the marketing tools that you can implement for your nutrition business. Along with a growing business, nurture your relationship with your patients too, by giving them services that will benefit them to the fullest. Hope these tips help you and make you an ‘expert’ in the eyes of your patient!