How To Make Money With Advertisements On Your Dietitian & Nutrition Website

When you design an effective website for your nutrition business, your ultimate aim is to increase traffic and earn a revenue out of it. In fact, website is a great marketing tool and a medium for you to publish your eBook, health and nutrition articles and highlight your expertise. However, a website can be a medium wherein you can make a few extra bucks apart from all these tasks too. Want to know how? Then, just put up few ads, and see cash rolling. Online advertising truly works and its been proved when reports stated that 95% of Google’s revenue comes from online advertising. So, let me just elaborate this further as to how you can make money with advertisements on your RDN website?

  1. Affiliate Programs

    Affiliate programs are a boon to generate revenue as advertisements. When you are into nutrition business, there are abundant products and services that you come across. But what if you get a chance to advertise them on your website and earn revenue? This is exactly what you can yield from affiliate programs. Display the merchant website’s products on your website and earn commissions when someone you’ve referred makes a purchase. Also, it’s a win-win situation as you get traffic too! For inspiration, you can refer Jill Castle’s Nutrition Store who has set-up affiliate products.

  2. Fixed Ads

    If you are already getting lots of traffic, then you can definitely tie up with other websites who have the same niche market as yours. For example: if you are running child nutrition program, then you can tie up with entrepreneur who is into products that are meant for children, be it – toys, accessories, clothes, etc. You can charge them fixed prices, according to ad placements, size of the ad, etc. Not just this, but you can target entrepreneurs from other niche as well. Furthermore, you can approach offline stores too, but before pitching in your proposal, do mention them about your website and site traffic. This will give more clarity and credibility. Banner ads can also do wonders in such cases as they are designed to establish a brand’s identity. Banner ads are visually appealing and even though, the visitor doesn’t click, he gets an idea what the ad is all about.

  3. Sponsored Content

    If you are good at blogging, then you can come up with sponsored content. The best part about sponsored content is that you deliver relevant, top-notch quality content, which in turn boosts engagement. Higher the engagement, the value of the content goes high and thus helps in earning more revenue. In fact, you can have experts on-board and share their insights through articles, but let them be tagged as sponsored. You can give excerpts and for further reading, you can ask your prospect to pay.

  4. Subscriptions

    Paid subscriptions work wonders from revenue as well as from traffic point of view. You turn a section of your website content into membership area. Prospects are curious when it comes to healthy tips, thus urging them to subscribe. Moreover, health and nutrition articles always generate traffic so paid subscription can prove to be an icing on the cake. Above all, as your audience base grows, you can grow this area as well. For more reference, you can visit one of my client’s website The Kids Healthy Weight Project.

  5. Targeted Advertising

    Google’s AdSense is a blessing because it helps you to earn by advertising on your site. It places targeted text ads, that are generated by Google on your pages. These ads belong to businesses that are using Google’s pay-per-click program, AdWords. These ads basically complement your content. For example: if you have written something about business cards of a registered dietitian and nutritionist, then the ads that appear are related to business card designers, retailers, etc. So, whenever a person clicks on these ads, you earn revenue and thus becomes a great source of income.

So, these are some of the ways an advertisement can help you monetize your website. However, you can also self-advertise your website if you have amazing traffic and that isn’t a crime, I am sure! So, which techniques have you used? Do let us know in the comments below!